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The upcoming webcomic Recollection City is a fantastical adventure story about friendship, a frantic chase through a wondrous land and deals with finding your voice and making your own choices.

The comic will launch July 17 2017


Images from Recollection City


Bern is next in line to rule his home town, but doubts if he is qualified for the job and if it is what he wants. When a strange man and his daughter, who hold onto a grudge from the past, attack the city and kidnap his family and girlfriend, Bern and his friends flee, looking for help in the various cities of their country. On their journey they find out what it means to make their own choices, and how those, as well as the choices of others, shape the future.

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A panel from the comic's prologue

About the author



My name is Henrike Dijkstra, I live in the Netherlands and I am a comic artist, blogger and interpreter. I am nearing completion of a year’s worth of buffer pages for Recollection City.

I also assist in courses at the Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling and I have also blogged at for over a year. Pencils and Stories will relaunch after Recollection City debutes online and will focus on growing productivity, motivation and confidence in creators so they can finish their projects.

When I am not making content I love watching (animated) movies, reading comics, and meeting and eating with friends. I’m also in love with nature, my faith and storytelling in general.

You can follow me on social media at the following places: