Bern Adelanor

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Bern is the next in line ruler of his home town. He is currently an engineer, a job that fits him and that he loves. But soon he will have to make a choice to either leave his comfort behind and become the leader he has been trained to be, or to let the position of “Princeps” pass to his younger brother. Bern loves his family and his girlfriend. But also his city and it’s people. He naturally takes a place in the background, but somewhere in him is the desire to step out and be seen.

Age: 27 years old

Max Sigvard

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Max is a police officer, following in the footsteps of his father. He loves his job, but something is off lately, and people are starting to notice. The fact that his father is on a secret mission and not heard from for a while doesn’t make it much easier. Max is starting to feel very responsible for his family; and in a way for Bern, as his family has always been close friends and advisers to the regent family of Narrati. The events unfolding will either heal him or break him.

Age: 27 years old

Ivory Ciardan

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Ivory has always been a bit of a wild one, not caring that her pretty dresses would get dirty or torn. She makes friends with the boys in school just as easily as with the girls. One day she decided that Bern and Max would make great friends, so she dragged Robbie, one class below her, with her and the four have been friends ever since. Ivory is bright and strong minded, but gets easily riled up in a game and then does not always see the consequences of her actions.
Age: 9 years old

Robbie Rivers

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Robbie has just been on an adventurous journey through the entire country, gaining new experiences and doing many little jobs everywhere. But in essence he is just looking for a direction in life. His previous plans have all fallen through and now he thinks he has to “settle and get a normal job.” Quick to look up to people, Robbie rather listens to what he thinks is expected of him instead of what he wants for himself. He still does things in an unconventional manner though, so he might end up on a new adventure anyway.

Age: 25 years old

Valeska Valdemar

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Valeska lives abroad with her father, who is an inventor of sorts. Even though she is proud of him she would love it if he would spend a little more time with her. She has a few friends in school but all in all she feels a bit lonely. Her mother died when she was very young and even though she has all the books and toys she could want, she would trade it in an instant if she sees how other parents treat their children. Valeska is very bright and learned a lot about technology and science. She is a little shy, but due to her father’s disdain for “weakness” she is very driven to become a stronger person, whatever that means.
Age: 10 years old

Alaric Valdemar

Alaric is a very bright inventor who experiments in mysterious puppets, automated by clockwork, called automatons. He is a single father, who, deep down loves his daughter and always tries to provide her with a good education, pretty toys and lots of books. But he doesn’t realize that the only thing Valeska really wants is his love and attention. Something he finds hard to show and to give. His past is a bit of a mystery, even though it’s evident he’s had a difficult youth. He lost his wife somehow and something is gnawing at him, making him moody and easy to lose his temper.
Age: 40 years old

Lilina Raelyn

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Lilina is Bern’s girlfriend. Originally from the city of Reveria, she now lives in Narrati after her relationship with Bern became more serious. Lilina is a people person with a very soft and, sometimes, cheesy side. She always believes the best about someone and can be very vocal about that. Despite her sweet side she used to be a spokesperson for minorities in Reveria and can have a very assertive and powerful presence when needed.

Age: 25 years old