Here it is! The cover for chapter 2 of the comic! I’m super excited for this chapter and also very curious about any predictions you might have! Fire away in the comments!

UPDATE, January 2021:

As you can read in this updated blogpost:

Recollection City hiatus

I have been working hard on my business, Unfortunately, due to COVID, I had to take on an extra freelance job and I have been working full time on that and my creative business ever since. I can’t find the time to make comic proper pages, yet, but I hope to be able to later in the year. The script is ready to go and I have been doing some rewrites and redesigns in the process as well. But for the coming months, I will still be pretty busy with my day jobs and then my new course launch.

“New course launch”? you may wonder. Yes, I have been working hard on a course for people who want to make their own (web) comics. It guides you through all the steps from ideas, to writing a good story, to designing your comic and making your first pages!

You can use it for short comics and long stories like Recollection City.

It launches on January 25th on Kickstarter! and will run for a month (until Feb 23rd).

How to Start a Comic image

If you’d like to be able to make your own comics, or if you want to support me in my endeavours, I’d love it if you’d check out the Kickstarter campaign and maybe even join in all the fun!

The goal is to be able to make Pencils & Stories, my creative business, my single full time job so I will have the time again to work on Recollection City!

Thank you all so much for your patience and your support. I love my comic, and I miss working on it dearly. I will be back!