Hello, dear reader!

As you’ve probably noticed, Recollection City has been on hiatus for a while.  This has multiple reasons, as I’ll write about below.

I wanted to give you all an update to let you know that Recollection City didn’t drop off the face of the earth.

Reason 1

I am building a second business.

I’ve been an interpreter for 12 years now, but I’ve been aching to get into a more art related job for years.

I finally decided I wanted to make 2020 the year I go all in with my second business. I teach people how to make their own comics through my website, Pencils & Stories.com and my Youtube channel.

Making webcomics for beginners

Unfortunately, building a business takes a great deal of effort, time and patience.

Whenever I am not working on Pencils & Stories -making videos, writing a outlines and copy- and keep up with my social life, -traveling to visit friends and family- interpreting takes precedence, to bring in the money. This leaves not much time for working on Recollection City.

Speaking of money:

Reason 2

I’m not financially stable.

The last few years have been tough. I experienced burnout in my job, and as a result I have not worked as much as I should. I’ve been living off of my savings a lot.

Then, last year, I got slapped with a lot of dental- and jaw- related pain for months. Aaand…a stack of medical bills that couldn’t all be covered by my insurance. I made a stupid financial decision out of desperation the year before, and then my little niece suddenly passed away, all leaving me locked up at home for a while. Self employment is amazing, the downside is that when you don’t work, there’s no money coming in.

I’m in a better place now, financially, because I worked my butt off over the last months of 2019. But it’s not ideal yet. I’m also still working on recovering from the last few years, mentally and emotionally.

I’m still working on Recollection City as my passion project, which is why I avoid bringing money into the equation. Unfortunately, this means that whenever I have to make a choice of priorities, Recollection City is most likely to be one of the first things to suffer.

I don’t have a Ko-Fi anymore, due to the GDPR rules. I also would like to give you some additional value for your money as well. So, if you do want to support me, consider buying something from my Gumroad store. You can also pick a € 0 product and add some extra money there, if you want. ❤️ There’s some Recollection City stuff in my store as well.

Example of what’s in my store

If you want to support me without money (totally awesome!), leaving a review on Gumroad after you get one of my free products is greatly appreciated! You can also leave a review on my Pencils & Stories Facebook page, leave comments and likes on my Youtube videos, or just watch them. That all helps with visibility and trustworthiness too! ❤️

Reason 3

I’m working on a better story.

I have been writing a lot for Recollection City. Some things in the story were not feeling right and becoming a bit hazy to me in terms of why they were there. We’re also coming close to points in the story where the directions I take with certain characters will be final. So I’m writing a more solid story.

I am very happy with the direction the story is going in, now. I feel like, overall, it’s more cohesive and meaningful this way and that some characters have a better arc and ending. I’m almost done with the story revisions and I can’t wait to weave these new directions into the coming chapters!

A portrait of Ivory I made a few weeks ago

Thank you for your patience and support!

I’m always thinking of Recollection City. Not working on it has been incredibly frustrating to me. I do try to not beat myself up over it, though.

I don’t want to announce a new update date yet, but I will do that right here as soon as I know more.

I want to thank everyone who keeps checking back in, the new readers, the people leaving comments. Thanks so much for your ongoing support for this project! 

Recollection City is not going anywhere, and I hope to speak to you soon about an update!

Thanks again! ♥️