The story

Bern is the upcoming ruler of his home town, but for all his life he has wondered if he is truly cut out for it. Soft spoken, and loving to be in the background to help others from there, he feels uncomfortable and insecure when asked to lead.

When his town is attacked and his family and girlfriend are kidnapped by a mysterious father and daughter duo who hold onto a grudge from the past, Bern manages to flee with the help of his friends Max, Robbie and Ivory.

While on the run through the country and on the search for help, they slowly unravel the secrets of their land that were buried under a history filled with bad decisions. And Bern learns that facing his fears, finding his voice and his place as a leader amongst his colleagues, could very well be the only way to get his family back, and that it might just save the entire country from destruction.

Valeska and automatons

The comic

Recollection City is a story that I made around the places me and my sister created when we were kids and I filled it with elements and visuals that I liked as much as possible.

I spend a few years coming up with the story, characters and how the places would look. Then I spend a year creating a buffer of pages and launched the comic on July 17th of 2017 in honour to my father, who would have become 75 years old on that day.


I would say the age rating for Recollection City is 12 and up, as it features some violence and emotional abuse.

Recollection City updates once a week for now, on Mondays 00:00 Central European Time.

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About the author:

My name is Henrike Dijkstra, I live in the Netherlands and I am a comic artist, blogger and interpreter.

Henrike Dijkstra photosPhotos made by Blooming Picture

I have been writing stories and drawing pictures to go with them from when I was very young. Sometimes when I was writing I would switch to drawn panels in between my text, so I guess my love for comics started at an early age. Ever since I discovered webcomics I saw the appeal of it, and it has been my dream to start one of my own for a while.

I have blogged at every week for a year. This website will relaunch somewhere after Recollection City debutes online and will focus on growing productivity, motivation and confidence in creators, so they can finish their own projects. Having struggled through years of art block and now having a consistent work- and update schedule makes me passionate to help others do the same.

When I am not making content I love watching (animated) movies, reading comics, and meeting and eating with friends. I’m also in love with Jesus, nature and storytelling in general.