Welcome to Recollection City!

Here it is, a brand new webcomic! I’m so excited to finally share this story with you!

Keep reading, because I uploaded 5 comic pages today. 🙂 More info on the launch can be found below page 5.

I hope you’ll enjoy the story!


↓ Transcript
Recollection City, by Henrike Dijkstra

Below the logo is an image of four characters walking on a sunny forest path. Through the trees, far back, mountains sitting in the sunlight are visible. The four characters are the main cast of the comic, walking in a row. From left to right: in the back of the row, Robbie, a happy bouncy character gives out apples. Ivory walks in front of him, taking an apple from Robbie and holding a sword in her other hand. In front of her is a smiling Bern, who carries a bow and arrows and at the front of the row is Max, carrying a sword as well, looking at the others behind him.

Below this image this text is read: "To my family: my sister, my parents and my God."