The first page! 😀

This was finished somewhere in the second half of 2015 and it went through a lot of edits. (One very recently even.)

This first one took a very long time to make because I was very rusty when it came to making comics.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: a big spread showing a small city, build on a hill rising up out of the sea. The atmosphere is 19th century (Victorian) with a bit of a modern twist. On top of the hill is a large church and a big building that looks important. It is late afternoon and small boats are sailing to and from the city. Birds fly in the sky, in the foreground we see the city wraps around the edge of the water towards us.

Panel 2: a broad panel stretches out over the page, we see more of the inside of the city. Sweeping streets, stone bridges over little canals, narrow but tall structures, broad regal buildings, little houses and places to eat. Scattered around are staircases and little potted plants. People take walks through the street or meet up at a cafe. Someone is sweeping the street. Two ladies meet up to talk. A gentleman in a top hat walks towards the right of the panel.

Panel 3: The gentleman in the top hat waves at a lady in the foreground, who we see from the back. She stands on an elevated terrace, waves back and walks towards the staircase that goes down to the street.

Panel 4: The lady reached the bottom of the stairs but before they can walk towards each other a balloon off screen shouts: "Watch out!" They're both startled.

Panel 5: A small wooden kart, carrying four children around age 8 - 10 flies by in dazzling speed in between the two. The gentleman, losing his hat, jumps back. The lady jumps back onto the stairs again. The kid behind the wheel of the kart looks very excited. The others look very concerned.