Slight explaining of backstory. It doesn’t take too long. We are finally going to figure out what the symbols we have been seeing on people’s hands mean. 🙂

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Valeska and Alaric stand next to the automaton that is sitting on the work bench. Valeska asks: "Then what is he for?" Alaric pondering looks down on her.
Panel 2: Alaric kneels in front of his daughter with a serious look on his face. He says: "Valeska, I am going to tell you a story... I had hoped to keep it from you a little while longer, but it seems that you've caught up to me sooner than I thought." Valeska's hesitant response is a small "Okay...?"
Panel 3: Alaric grabs her hand, the symbol on her hand is clearly seen. He holds his own hand next to is, showing his own, identical symbol. It is a half circle with three lines on the round side of it, also attached to three smaller circles. Alaric says: "You've often asked me what the symbol on our hands means... I always told you it is a birthmark, and that is true. But there is more to it than that...
Panel 4: Alaric seems lost in some unpleasant memories. He continues: "It is a symbol of the power our family once had and of the injustice we've had to endure...."
Panel 5: We see a graphic representation of a city in the mountains, in subdued dark warm purples. Small figures walk around in there, there are a lot of arches, art nouveau shapes and trees around the structures. A text box says: "Long ago, our great- grandfather and -mother ruled over a beautiful city, high in the mountains. It's warm water springs kept the ground warm and green, a sign of prosperity and great leadership. The city was called Reminiscence."
Panel 6: We see five people, three men and two women, all wearing a bright red chain of office, we see various symbols on the hands of some. Above their heads, also in bright red, we see five different symbols. Those of Valeska and Alaric, as well as Bern, are present. The text box says: "The land this city was part of is called "Tarina." It still exists. You may have heard about it in geography. It now only has four captital cities that are ruled by regent families, like our great-grandparents. Back then, Reminiscence was the fifth city."