So, now you know what those symbols on people’s hands mean. πŸ™‚

I hope that was all clear. We’ll have to see if this is all the exact truth or not….later. Valeska believes it though.

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Main cast
You can see it in it’s bigger version on the first page of the comic on this website, actually. πŸ™‚ I used it for my dedication page.
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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The story about the city of Reminiscence continues. Panel 1 is a graphic depiction of a library with rows and rows of books. Two people stand in front of a large spiral bookcase, a servant stands behind them. The text box reads: "Reminiscence thrived, it quickly became the largest and most modern city of the country. Technology and man lived in great harmony. The people of Reminiscence kept the archives and history of Tarina. A very important task."
Panel 2: Alaric continues his story. "But the other regents grew jealous of our city's splendour. They demanded more influence, and when they did not get it, they formed a bond of allied forces and layed siege on Reminiscence." We see the city on the mountain hills. A large cloud of smoke hangs over it.
Panel 3: A beautifully decorated hallway with art nouveau influences. The regents from before are sending the regent family of Reminiscence away, backed up by their people. The text box says: "The city fell. It's people fled. The regent family was captured and banished from Tarina."
Panel 4: Now in normal colour, we switch slowly back to the present. The regent family of Reminiscence enters a normal house. Still assisted by a servant who is holding the door open to them. The family of two parents and a daughter, all slightly resembling Alaric and Valeska, look angry and glum.
Panel 5: This panel mirrors the previous one, a normal home. but now it's a gloomy Alaric and a amazed Valeska.
Panel 6: Alaric holds his hand with the regent symbol on it next to his daughters hand that carries the same image. He says: "But the symbol is still on our hands. It is a sign that we have the right to rule Reminiscence. All of our firstborn carry it. And the knowledge of the story I have just told you has been passed on through our family from generation to generation."
Panel 7: Valeska looks at her own hand, still amazed by all she just learned about her family and about herself. Alaric says: "We, my dear Valeska, were born to rule."