I told you the working title for this scene was “How not to parent.”

Also, do I smell bitterness and a possible revenge plot here? Do you people smell that?
Tune in next week to learn more!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: After the story her father told her about their family's banishment from the country of Tarina, Valeska asks the obvious question: "But...if we did nothing wrong then why did they do that? It's not fair!" Alaric agrees: "No, little one, it is not fair, that;s why we will set it right." Valeska has an idea: "Can't you talk to them daddy? They can't still be mad at us? We had nothing to do with all that."
Panel 2: Alaric's expression falls, and he stands up. "TALK to them? They took away everything we had, our lives, our city, our power... They banished us from our country, and you want to TALK to them?"
Panel 3: Alaric walks past Valeska who looks like she knows she asked the wrong question. Alaric rants on: "You expect me to crawl back to them, BEGGING them to let us back in?"
Panel 4: Valeska clutches her doll against her chest again and looks uneasy. Alaric paces through the room and starts talking louder and louder: "For a CENTURY my family has suffered! Our city fell to ruin, there was nothing left for us to return to! The hatred for the regents of Tarina is and their offspring is rooted deep in our family history!
Panel 5: We only see Alarics mouth. He is shouting these words: "I will not share power with the lot of them, even if they were to undo the banishment!"
Panel 6: Valeska looks terrified at her father's anger. She is moving closer to the automaton still sitting on the table. Her father shouts off screen: "WE WILL RULE ALL OF TARINA, MY FAMILY!"
Panel 7: Alaric suddenly turns around and looks down on his daughter, furious: DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?"
Panel 8: Valeska is now crying. She looks up at her father with tears rolling down her cheeks. She whispers: "Daddy, please..."
Panel 9: Alaric points a finger at her, making Valeska jerk back shocked. He yells at her: "NO! NO TEARS!"
Panel 10: Valeska stands next to the automaton, bows her head while she tries to force back the tears and says softly: "S...Sorry..."