Not a great plan…
Alaric’s ease with which he manipulates his own daughter made me really uncomfortable while making these pages.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Alaric closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose. He says: "Valeska...I want only the best for you. Don't look at me like that."
Panel 2: Almost hiding behind her doll, still looking terrified, Valeska looks at her father. Off screen Alaric says: "I'm sorry I yelled, I have a great plan for you, but it requires you to be strong."
Panel 3: Putting on his friendly face, Alaric kneels down in front of his daughter again. "You want to be strong, don't you? To not be afraid?" Valeska answers: "Y...Yes." Alaric continues: "Wouldn't you want to live in a beautiful house, with beautiful dresses and servants?"
Panel 4: We see Valeska's eyes who seem doubtful as she contemplates this.
Panel 5: But when Alaric says: "Do you want to make me proud?" We see in her eyes that he hit a nerve.
Panel 6: Alaric stared off into the distance like he pictures something. Behind him is the large automaton. He says: "We can end this cycle of injustice and pain, you and I." Valeska asks hesitantly: "how?"
Panel 7: The automaton sits motionless on the table. Alaric says off screen: "We are teaming up with technology. These automatons can make more automatons and together they can make even more. Soon, we'll have an army of them to help us..."
Panel 8: Alaric looks down on Valeska, because of the angle of the panel it looks like the automaton is also looking down on her. Alaric finishes his thought: "...and you will lead them." Valeska looks small. "!?"
Panel 9: Alaric smiles. "Yes, you can help perfect them. But it takes a lot of...SCIENCE to come up with inventions." At the word "science" Valeska perks up.
Panel 10: Valeska contemplates this new idea. "Well, I like science..." Off screen Alaric says: "Exactly! I'm sure you could do it."