We caught a glimpse of the city of Reminiscence! Or….at least, the ruins of it. Will we see more of this mysterious city in this comic? I’m not telling. πŸ˜‰
And yes. I know exactly what panel 6 sounds like, US residents! In my defence: this comic and the script for this scene pre-dates your last elections by months. πŸ™‚

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Valeska hasn't forgotten about her father's words before. She looks a little scared to ask this: "...but what do we need an army for?" Alaric starts another story: "Because, when I was just a little older than you, I visited Reminiscence with my father-" He gets cut off.
Panel 2: Valeska interrups him, gasping in excitement: "You have been there? What does it look like?!"
Panel 3: We see a glimpse of Reminiscence, the way Alaric has seen it. The city is covered in snow in the middle of the mountains, and it looks very barren. Alaric and Valeska both look sad at the thought. Alaric says: "It's a beautiful place. It's covered in snow, THEY let it fall into decay."
Panel 4: Alaric seems to put the thought away and smiles again. "...But we will rebuild it, together with the automatons."
Panel 5: Then he turns away and thinks out loud, almost to himself again: "And with enough training you will be able to lead this army and undo our banishment." Valeska looks unsure again after this remark. "T...Training?"
Panel 6: Alaric, off screen: "I will make our family great again, YOU will make our family great." He continues: "You already know a lot about these automatons. Their technology is not so different from the doll you have there." Valeska looks down at her doll.
Panel 7: Alaric reaches out to give her the remote from the automaton he made. "Here, try navigating the new one."
Panel 8: Valeska doesn't take the remote immediately but looks back at the large automaton, her own doll still in her hand. Alaric gets impatient again: "come on, try it! No hesitation!"