And that concludes this scene.
And that leaves one more situation to wrap up in the prologue, can you guess who we will see again next week?

Thanks so much for all who are reading this comic weekly. I really hope you’re enjoying it so far, even though this last scene might have been a bit uncomfortable. What will happen to these two? Stay tuned!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Valeska carefully sets her doll on a small table while Alaric waits with the remote in his hand.
Panel 2: Valeska, now with the remote in both hands walks up to the large automaton that is still sitting on the edge of the table.
Panel 3: She tries out a few things. She handles the remote and the automaton lifts his arm.
Panel 4: The automaton bends forward, coming off of the table clumsily. It bends further forward, it's hands almost touch the ground.
Panel 5: It suddenly swings upright, bringing a hand to it's chest, the other outstretched.
Panel 6: It makes a courtesy to her, bowing forward like a gentleman, just like her small doll did before.
Panel 7: Valeska looks statisfied with herself. Alaric says off screen: "You have talent."
Panel 8: He puts a hand on her shoulder. Valeska looks up to him happily. Alaric says: "Very good. You will make me proud, I just know it. We will set right what is wrong."
Panel 9: Alaric now takes her by the hand and walks her back to her room. He says: "You will help me, won't you, my little princess?" Valeska answers him: "I will daddy." Her small doll lies on the table, forgotten.