Remember those kids in that kart from 11 weeks ago? This is right after they drove their kart in the water.

We’re in Bern’s house, which is also Narrati’s City Hall. And look, the symbols are back! Now you know what they mean.
So many people in this scene haha. It was fun designing all the parents of the main characters. Only Max’ mother is missing here. Can you guess which parent belongs to which kid? 🙂

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: We are back in the city of Narrati. Night has almost completely fallen. The lights in the big City Hall on top of the hill Narrati is build on are lit. Someone says: "Look at you, a fine company you are!"
Panel 2: We see a close up of one of the kids from the start of the comic, it's Bern. He clutches his hands together, on them is a regent symbol. The symbol of Narrati. Of screen the voice continues: "I hope you realize how dangerous your behaviour was."
Panel 3: The four kids stand in front of a book case, all still wet from their drive into the water at the harbour, they're wrapped in blankets. Max and Bern are looking at their parents with guilt on their faces. Robbie and Ivory are looking at the ground. Off screen we hear: "You could have hit someone, or imagine what could have happened if one of you'd fallen off at that speed!"
Panel 4: We see who is talking, it's a woman. "Not to mention you could have drowned!" She says. It's Bern's mother, on her hands are the same symbols. Behind her stands her husband. Both are wearing regal clothing and a chain of office. Next to them are Robbies parents, Max's father and Ivory's father. They're looking either worried or stern.
Panel 5: A close up of Bern's mother. She looks worried and disappointed. "Can anyone explain to me why you all acted so careless?"
Panel 6: We see more of the room. It's a library of sorts. There's a big table, the bookscase with the children in front of it, an ornamented door, a chandelier and little couches and chairs where you could read a book. A few plants and paintings decorate the room. A trail of water runs from the door to where the kids are standing. Below their feet a puddle of water has formed. The parens stand in front of the kids on the side. They're waiting for a response but the kids are all silent. They don't know what to say.