Max wants to share the responsibility and tell their parents what really happened. But he is not the most tactical person (yet).

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bern’s parents look at him. His father addresses him: “Bern?”
Panel 2: Bern looks like a deer caught in the headlights. His father tells him: “You obvisouly build the kart. If you can’t use them responsibly I’d prefer you not making them at all.”
Panel 3: He continues: “Because you are a future regent, people look at you differently. What you do will have influence on the way they think about you... and, frankly, it reflects onto us as well.” Bern listens and looks a little ashamed. Robbie stands on his left, clearly distraught at the speech Bern is getting. Ivory stands on his right, feeling sorry for him as well.
Panel 4: A close-up of Bern, who looks to the ground. Off screen his father says: “I know it’s not fun, but you have to keep in mind the role you have in this city, and this land.”
Panel 5: Robbie breaks in, he looks guilty and points to himself with both hands. “B...But Bern didn’t want to ride the kart of the hill! I did, and even when he told me to stop the kart I still continued.”
Panel 6: Bern’s father smiles. “I appreciate you taking your part in this Robbie... But Bern needs to make his own decisions, even when others push him.”
Panel 7: Max wants to explain what happened: “It was three against one, how is that fair?” And I know Robbie drove so fast because I told him he is bad at it and that he wouldn’t be able to look over the wheel.” Robbie looks miffed but also a little complacent. He mumbles: “Well, I proved you wrong!” Bern looks surprised that his friends are trying to cover for him.
Panel 8: Max now points at Ivory. “And, then, what did you call Bern when he didn’t want to ride the kart, Ivory?” The person in question looks at Max indignantly. She can’t believe he just said that in front of their parents. Robbie and Bern know Max went too far.