This was a hard part to write.
Placing myself into the head of 7/8/9 year olds and parents and making sure it all makes sense…

I especially wondered if the parents were overreacting and if I had emphasized the dangerous situation enough in the kart scene.

But I think the character’s relationships, at least, feel real. It was a nice opportunity as well to show how my main cast reacts to these kinds of things. It tells us a little more about their character again.

I did a course on composition at the Oatley Academy in 2012 that literally changed my artistic life. For my fellow Painting Drama students: there is an Easter egg in this page that you will recognize I think. 🙂

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Ivory tries to soften the weight of what was just said by Max about their kart-situation: “Ok, we all called each other names....but nothing even happened!”
Panel 2: Ivory’s father chimes in. He looks at his daughter with crossed arms and a slightly worried expression on his face. “If you cannot see how dangerous it was what you did then I don’t think you are ready for fencing lessons, young lady.” Ivory looks at her father shocked. “DAD, NO!” She calls out. “I can be responsible! It isn’t even dangerous!”
Panel 3: Her father holds up his hand to end her defense. “Ivory, stop.” Bern’s mother takes over, smiling friendly: “Your parents will discuss what happened today with you, I’m sure. Bern, what we just told you was clear?”
Panel 4: Bern still looks sad. “Yes.” His mother says off screen: “Good. Miliza will get you all some dry clothes before you go home.”
Panel 5: All parents leave the room with their kids. Bern’s parents hug him. His father says: I’m glad nobody got hurt.” Robbies father tells his son: “You are grounded, Robbie.” Robbie sighs and says: “I know.” Max’ father stops his son. “Max...” he starts. Max quickly tries to explain himself: “Dad! I knew it was wrong what we did when we started going too fast...”
Panel 6: “...but...” His father interrupts him: “You shouldn’t challenge Robbie that way, he looks up to you, you know.”
Panel 7: Max is very confused.
Panel 8: His father continues: “You are better than this, Max, show it in your actions, ok? And don’t tattle on your friends, encourage them. Can you do that?”
Panel 9: Max relaxes a bit and sees what his father is saying. “Ok, dad.” His father lays his hand on his shoulder. “That’s my boy. Now go get some dry things.”