Ivory is still too disappointed to see her father’s lesson, and what went wrong here.
Next week we will be switching scenes again for the LAST part of the prologue. Chapter 1 is closing in, fast!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Max’ father says to his son: “Oh, and come straight home. We will discuss this with mom too.” Max looks busted again. Meanwhile, Bern is coming out of the room and Ivory and her father walk up front. Ivory is still angry, she has crossed her arm and looks to the ground. “It’s not fair! I have been looking forward to fencing lessons for months!”
Panel 2: Her father tries to explain: “You must learn the consequences of your actions, sweetie. A sword is still a weapon.” Ivory doesn’t want to listen. A single tear rolls down her cheek. “But you said you wanted to use fake swords anyway.”
Panel 3: Her father explains: “Like a kart that goes too fast, a sword is dangerous. You could have really hurt someone today, or yourself...” Ivory interrupts him: “But...” Her father raises his voice over hers: “IVORY!”
Panel 4: He really tries to get trhough to her. “It doesn’t matter if something happened or not! Sometimes, if you stay on a bad course, eventually things will go wrong. You need to think before you do.” “I want the best for you Ivory, and it’s best if you learned this lesson now.”
Panel 5: He strokes his daughter’s still wet hair. “You could have broken your neck, going off the hill like that... I don’t want to lose you, my little ladybug, do you understand?” Ivory finally seems to get it. She sighs and smiles sadly. “Yes dad.”
Panel 6: They hug. “I love you.” Her father tells her. Ivory responds: “I love you too.” Her father continues: “Your fencing lessons will come in good time. Now go change, you’re ice cold!”
Panel 7: A lady of the household staff has a stack of clothes in her hands. The three boys stand around her, looking cold. Ivory joins them. The lady, Miliza, says: “You boys go get changed in Bern’s room. Young lady, you come with me.”