I don’t think Robbie really realizes why everyone is freaking out.
Then again, he is the one steering.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: We see the kart driving off in the distance between the houses, further downhill. The city can be seen in the distance. The gentleman from the previous page picks up his top hat. In the foreground the two ladies who were talking on the street earlier say amongst each other:
Lady 1: " kids these days!"
Lady 2: "I saw the regent's son with them."
Lady 1: -tsk- no..."
Lady 2: " I never expected this kind of behaviour from him."
We can only see their mouths gossiping.

Panel 2 and panel 3 are attached to each other and show two children of the kart in close up. In the second panel is Bern, looking a little shocked. He is a little tanned and has brown hair and a blue shirt. On both his hands that are clenched on the side of the kart is a small, dark symbol. It almost looks like a tattoo. He says: " Robbie, slow down!"
Robbie, the excited driver of the kart, light blonde and light skinned with a green shirt, doesn't seem like he wants to stop.

Panel 4: The kart goes off another hill. Everyone looks ahead to where they're going. Robbie comments on Bern's previous remark: "Trying dude, but the brakes don't work so well."
The others in the kart are a girl, very light skinned with pitch black hair and a soft pink vest over a light green dress, named Ivory. She looks back to the last person in the kart: a dark skinned boy with black hair in a dark blue shirt, whose name is Max, who shouts very concerned: "WHAT!?"

Panel 5: The kart races down the hill. Everyone but Robbie looks like they'd rather be anywhere else but here. Robbie says cheerful: "don't worry guys, I got this!"

Panel 6: The kart turns a corner at the foot of the hill, still going very fast. They nearly hit a man, who manages to duck out of the way. Another woman runs out of the way when she sees them coming. A cat is jumping in fright. Other people around look on shocked. Robbie steers through the obstacles on his path, making the small tires of the kart screech; and he mumbles: " oops"

Panel 7: We see a close up of Robbie and Max, both looking back to the people they leave behind. Robbie looks apologetic and shouts very loudly: "SORRY!" Max just looks angry now. He says to Robbie: "Ok, you've proven you can drive...like a maniac!"

Panel 8: The children are all talking through each other now, it's very chaotic and Robbie is totally not paying attention to where he is going.
Robbie, angry: "Again!? My driving is fine! It's the brakes--"
Max cuts Robbie off: "Yeah right! You just love the speed!"
Ivory is frustrated, she throws her hands up and shouts "ugh, guuuuuuuuys!"
Bern tries to add a little common sense, he softly says: "maybe we can go to a quiet area?"
But he is quickly overpowered by Max, who shouts at Robbie: "Do as Bern says, quiet area!"

Panel 9: somehow Robbie managed to get the kart down at the city's cellars, bordering the canal. The kart goes so fast it skips over a small canal crossing the platforms. This causes Max to shout: "NOW!"
Robbies response: "Whoa, Max, alRIGHT! But you gotta admit, that was awesome!"