A Victorian bedroom, what did that look like?! I mixed my research with a little bit of more a modern children’s room. On the wall are drawings and things that Bern thinks are cool. There are toys as well but they’re on the other side. As the regent’s son Bern has a big bedroom.

This was a nice opportunity to show what the kid’s reaction was to what just happened with the parents. And also an opportunity to show a little more of the relationship these four have amongst each other.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bern’s room. A large room with cupboards, a table and a four post bed. Drawings and technical looking images decorate the walls. There’s a plant and a warm light is shining in a corner. The boys have changed into some neutral blouses in Bern’s size. A pile of wet clothing lies on the floor. Robbie falls onto Bern’s bed. “Aww man, I can’t believe I got grounded...AGAIN! How will I survive!?”
Panel 2: Bern buttons up the last of his shirt. “Your parents will probably cave in after a few days.” Max makes a decisive gesture. “And if not, we will bust you out!”
Panel 3: Robbie looks happy. “Thanks guys! I knew I could count on you!” Ivory storms into the room without warning. “ARE YOU GUYS DONE!?” She yells.
Panel 4: Max tries to make some lighthearted conversation with her. “You’re wearing boy’s clothes.” He teases her. Ivory is not impressed by this remark. “Who cared. I like ‘em.”
Panel 5: She ignores him and jumps on the bed where Robbie is sitting. Max now tries a more direct approach: “By the way, Ivory...”
Panel 6: He looks ashamed. “I’m sorry for telling on you to our parents. I know how much you looked forward to those fencing lessons with your dad.” Ivory softens at those words. “Oh, well...I guess it was pretty stupid what we did anyway.”
Panel 7: Robbie feels really guilty. “Ugh, I’m so sorry for causing so much trouble. It was my fault really.”
Max tries to cheer him up: “Nah, we did it together.”