That’s the end of the prologue folks!

The four friends have decided that nothing will come between their friendship, but will it stay that way? We’ll have to wait and see!

I really feel like the comic has truly started now! We’ll dive into chapter 1, and the actual time line of the comic, next week! I’m super excited for it!

If you can’t wait and want a sneak preview of the cover of chapter 1, vote here for Recollection City.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Robbie walks over to Bern and puts a hand on his shoulder. “Regent or not, we will not look up to you, promise!”
Panel 2: Ivory and Max join them. Ivory asks slyly: “Can we still ask you for stuff when we need it, though?” Max looks shocked that she would ask that. “Ivy!” He yells. Ivory adds: “I’m joking.”
Panel 3: Robbie holds a hand to his forehead. “I wish you could get me un-grounded. I should probably go.” Ivory asks, excited: “Robbie got grounded?!” Bern replies: “He did!”
Panel 4: “Let’s bust him out tomorrow!” Ivory exclaims. Robbie looks very excited. Bern and Max laugh. Max adds: “My thoughts exactly!”
Panel 5: Robbie gathers his friends for a goup hug. Bern and Ivory smile, Max looks kind of disturbed at this violation of his personal space. Robbie yells: “YES, YOU GUYS! My escape will be glorious!”
Panel 6: We see Bern’s room from the outside. A chique balcony hangs above Narrati, where night has fallen and the lights and stars are out. We see the silhouettes of the four kids through the balcony doors. Bern says: “operation “rescue Robbie” commencing!” Ivory says: “Alright, what do we need?” Bern answers: “A communication system!” Robbie says: “How about a kart?” Max fake-laughs: “har har” Robbie goes on: “I’m serious!”