Aaaaah look at all of them, they have grown so much! <3

I’m so excited to finally dive into the current timeline of the comic! And to actually announce a chapter!

Chapter 1 is here! We will discover what these dorks have been up to for the last 17 years! What are they doing now? Are they still the same? Are they still friends?
I’m looking forward to reintroduce these characters and introduce you to some new ones as well. 😀
I will slowly update the cast page as the characters officially change their appearance and as we get to know them again.

Enjoy the new chapter over the next couple of months!

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↓ Transcript
The cover page for chapter 1. At the top is the Recollection City logo. Inside it, it says” “chapter one.”
Below the logo is the title of the chapter: “17 years.”
The four main characters from the previous scene stand on a patch of grass in the foreground with their backs to us. They are grown up. They look over the city of Narrati in the morning light. City Hall sits prominent on the hilltop. It has changed a little bit, some buildings are taller, the trees and shrubbery have grown and there are some more apartment buildings. We see small roads, parks and large buildings that are maybe theatres or other art related halls, as Narrati is known as an artist town. Behind the city the sea stretches out.
The characters have aged (according to the tile: they are 17 years older). On the left is Ivory, in a dark purple coat and a bright red skirt. She wears heels, her long, straight dark hair in a tail over her shoulder. She carries a simple, brown travellers bag behind her back.
To her right is Max, with longer, dark curled hair. He is wearing a sophisticated dark blue jacket and he carries a 19th century pistol in his right hand. His attitude is active, careful.
Bern stands on his right. Arms next to his body, a hammer in his right hand. He is wearing a simple white shirt and a pastel green waistcoat. His light brown hair is also longer, he wears it in a small ponytail. Robbie stands on the far right. He is wearing outdoor attire, a green blouse, baggy brown pants and his legs are wrapped in large protective soft shin guards. Over his shoulder he carries a bundle of rope and a small climbing pickaxe. His hair, still as blonde as ever, is short and bouncy.