Look who it is! 😀
It was really great to be able to start drawing my characters as I had designed them in appearance and character. But I still had to get to know their designs a bit. I feel like, over the course of this scene, I really got to know the shapes and the body language of Bern better.

Actually putting them in stories always helps flesh out your characters.
I updated the cast page with Bern’s new appearance and info. I will do so whenever characters have changed or whenever new characters appear. 🙂 (the first new and important character isn’t far away!)

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: We are outside, a blue sky with little clouds. Two hands are beating a nail inside a piece of wood with a graceful 19th century hammer. On one hand we see the regent symbol of Narrati.
Panel 2: Wooden planks are laid crossbarred on top of each other. A young man, who we see on the back, is pointing at the nail he just hammered into the wood. A little boy with bright red curls watches carefully. The man says: “Let your swing do the work. When the nail is stuck and at the right angle you only have to hit it lightly.”
Panel 3: We see a close up of the young man. He looks slightly familiar. His hair is long and in a ponytail, large sideburns, dressed in a white blouse and a green waistcoat. Enthusiasticly he holds the hammer up. “Here, try it again!”
Panel 4: The little boy hammers on another nail, tongue out of his mouth with concentration. They seem to be on an elevated place somewhere. The man says: “You got it! You are a fast learner!”
Panel 5: We see that they are standing on a roof, behind a fence. Another skewed roof rises up from where they are standing, still in it’s framework. It’s either just build or they are renovating it. The boy looks happy and while giving the hammer back to the young man says: “Thank you sir! I hope so! I want to make whole houses like my dad someday!” The man accepts the hammer and says: “Keep building things and you will! Now come with me, you’re not allowed on the roof without supervision.”
Panel 6: They slide down fromwards on the lower roof.
Panel 7: The boy climbs through an ornamated window on that level of the house while The man waits for his turn to climb through. “Dad! Sir Bern dhowed me how to work on the roof!” From inside a balloon says: “That’ s great John!”