So, Bern is an engineer now.

Aaaand….what about your other possible future jobs, Bern? What happened to that?

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bern climbs through a window into the house, where he is greeted by two men. A red haired man happily compliments Bern by saying: “Sir Bern! Mr Whiteker says that your revisions for the theatre fix-up will save us a lot of time and effort!”
Panel 2: In the foreground of this panel we see a desk with technical drawings of buildings. These are also up on the wall. In the background Bern and Mr Levi shake hands. Mr Levi says: “We truly needed your bold decisions. Thank you ever so much for your assistance, sir!” Bern replies: “No problem at all, Mr Levi!” It was my pleasure!”
Panel 3: Bern now shakes hands with the bearded Mr. Whiteker who says: “We certainly could use more people with innovative mindsets like yourself in our field sir!” To which Bern replies: “Well, I had some great teachers who encouraged that! I believe engineering will change a lot in the future.”
Panel 4: The 3 men are standing next to each other in the background of this panel, facing John, who is about to walk out of the room. Bern says: “By the way, your son seems to have a knack for building too, Mr Levi!” The father, mr Levi, replies: “Thank you sir! He sure loves it. We see the boy, John, in the foreground. He looks a bit startled when Bern is talking about him in front of his father.
Panel 5: Bern courtesies by bowing a little in gratitude, speaking to the 2 men: “I thank you for the great collaboration. Good luck with the renovation. Mr Levi, Mr Whitheker.”
Panel 6: Now facing John, Bern waves at him and says: “Keep practicing, John!” John looks enthusiastically up at him: “I will sir!”