Well, who is this new lady then?

We will learn her name next week. If you want to see another image of her, click the link below:

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bern is looking over his shoulder, a little sad. At the back of the room Mr Whiteker and Mr Levi wave Bern goodbye. John is smiling, standing next to his father.
Panel 2: We see Bern from above, standing on top of the stairs, preparing to descend. He’s thinking: “Ok, here we go.”
Panel 3: Bern has descended the stairs and we see him from the front, having stepped outside the building. He lets out a breath.
Panel 4: Bern is walking besides the edge of a park. He walks with his head hanging down a little, looking at his feet. He has just passed an opening to the park, between a stoned wall and a fencing. Through the opening we can see a lady walking with a bouncing little kid.
Panel 5: From outside the panel someone shouts “Bern!” Bern looks up.
Panel 6: We see a well dressed lady, wearing aquamarine clothes and a feathered hat, with long, curly auburn hair. She waves and looks enthusiastically. Behind her we see strange silver trees shimmering with different pastel colours, below them a table with two chairs. A man is standing next to it, hands at his hips and watching the women walk towards Bern.