So, Lilina. Who is she, just a friend? Or….
Mr Hayworth was Bern’s teacher at City Hall, so why is he giving Lilina lessons? Any guesses?

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Lilina is someone who really likes the political and ethical side of things. So technical details about chemistry are not really her thing, something mr Hayworth finds impossible to understand.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bern over to the right happily and says: “Lilina! What are you doing here?”
Panel 2: We are looking down from above on the purple coloured trees and see Lilina coming closer to Bern. We can still see the other man standing next to the table. Lilina says: “I was studying the opal trees with Mr. Hayworth…”
Panel 3: Lilina continues, leaning in closer to Bern, whispering: “…and I knew you were working in this area somewhere so I got him to stop here for a while when I saw you on the roof!” Bern stands close to her, smiles and teases: “You don’t seem to be enjoying class. Are you ill?”
Panel 4: We see Lilina from the front, as Mr Hayworth approaches her from the behind. He says: “Miss Raelyn, if you please, I’d like to finish the lecture you so rudely interrupted.” He makes urging gestures. Lilina looks startled and her cheeks turn red.
Panel 5: We see Bern in the background with his back to a stone wall that circles the park behind them. He waves to Mr Hayworth, who’s outside of this panel. Lilina smiles a forced smile to Mr Hayworth. She “secretly hums” to Bern: “Get me out of heeeeere...” To M Hayworth she says: “I’m sorry Mr Hayworth, but is it really necessary to talk about the chemical structure of the opal trees in such detail? “
Panel 6: Mr Hayworth has walked up to them. Behind them is the entrance to the park. Mr Hayworth looks shocked at Lilina’s question, hands raised slightly in frustration, and says: “Why on earth wouldn’t I be?” Lilina, has turned towards the park, Bern looks at her as she replies: “Well, I would love to know more about how the trees affect the culture of Narrati…or about the ethical issues surrounding the protected botany of the city…” She gestures to the park on her right hand side.