It’s 00:01 am, on January 1st! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope 2018 will treat you all well and I wish nothing but the best for you! <3 Seriously, if you're reading Recollection City somewhere in the vicinity of your midnight, then you deserve cookies. Comment if you do! 😀 For anyone who forgot and was confused by the continued dialogue in panel 1: Lilina failed to see the importance of her last lesson. Something that mr Hayworth gladly expands upon. But not without making things super awkward for everyone of course. In other news, Recollection City is now on LINE Webtoon!! You can subscribe and like the first episode here.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Mr Hayworth raises his hand to his face and pushes his glasses back onto his nose. He says: “Miss Raelyn, I understand your passion for discussion and diplomatics…”
Panel 2: From outside the panel, Mr Hayworth continues: “…However, if you do end up marrying our princeps and so become a regent, it is important to understand why the trees are unique to Narrati...” We see both Bern and Lilina looking embarrassed. Bern doesn't know how to act and looks away awkwardly. Lilina also looks away, blushing with a faint smile on her face. In the background we see people walking and children playing in the park.
Panel 3: Mr Hayworth is standing on the left of the panel, looking proud and says, referring to the trees: “...And unique they are, aren’t they Mr Adelanor?” Bern and Lilina, both standing on the right. Bern still looks embarrassed and scratches the back of his head, saying: “ah, sure”. Lilina covers her mouth in a slight giggle.
Panel 4: Outside of the panel, Mr Hayworth asks: “Can you tell me why?” The panel shows a close up of Bern’s face. His expression says ‘here we go again’.
Panel 5: We see part of Bern’s leg and his foot on the ground. “Because of the soil.” He says. Next to the path are some red flowers in the grass. Outside the panel, Mr Hayworth says: “Correct, what is so special about it?”
Panel 6: This panel shows us the three people from far away. In the foreground are two large trees and we are looking between the trunks. Bern explains: “The unique chemical structure of the soil here makes it impossible for these trees to soak up elements that make the leafs turn opal coloured.”
Panel 7: Bern is now facing Lilina and we see them closer again. He continues, now into the spirit of things: “These trees actually grow in Reveria as well, but their leafs are a regular green there.” Lilina also smiles and replies: “Really? I have to be more attentive next time I visit my parents.”