The escape plan is working!
Smug Bern in the last panel always cracks me up. XD He’s so proud.

We also know now what’s been working Bern up so much. A meeting, huh?

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Mr Hayworth looks very happy and says to Bern, who is standing a little further away with Lilina: “You remember this lesson well, sir! Can you tell me the formulas that are associated with said structures?” Bern looks startled and he holds his hands up as if to stop Mr Hayworth from asking these kinds of questions. Lilina holds a hand to her mouth, hiding her smile.
Panel 2: Now closer to us, Bern puts his hands on Lilina’s shoulders, shoving her away towards the parlk. He says over his shoulder: “Mr Hayworth, would it be possible to borrow your student from you for a little while?” Hayworth lets his arms hang next to his body, his shoulders seem to have drooped and he looks disappointed.
Panel 3: Bern continues: “You see, I have an important meeting in City Hall this afternoon and I would like to prepare for it…” He points to City Hall, which lies little higher in the background and can be seen over the edge of the greenery of the park. “…and Lilina can help me with my public speaking skills.” Lilina is flashing a big smile to convince mr Hayworth to let her off the hook.
Panel 4: Mr Hayworth, one fist at his hip, the other in front of his face, says: “How could I not know about the meeting…all of City Hall is talking about it…” Bern sadly looks to the ground, clearly bothered by that statement. Lilina looks up at Bern.
Panel 5: In the front of this panel, we see the abandoned desk mr Hayworth and Lilina were previously sitting at, with a book, some papers and pencils. In the background we see the talking trio. Mr Hayworth says: “Very well…You are dismisses Miss Raelyn, but just this once!”
Panel 6: In the left corner of this panel, we see the back of Mr. Hayworth. Bern is running of, with his back towards us, holding Lilina’s hand and dragging her after him. Lilina happily waves back her teacher: “Thank you Mr Hayworth!”
Panel 7: On the right, we see Bern with a smug smile on his face, looking proud of his plan. He is taking Lilina with him into the park. Lilina is holding his hand with both arms, but she looks back over her shoulder, looking a little guilty. In the background we see Mr Hayworth walking back to his desk.