What do you think? Will this end well?

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The kart drives further down another cobblestone hill. The sea is getting more and more visible and from the kart the children look over a fancy neighbourhood with nice 19th century apartment buildings. The sun is getting lower, colouring the sky pastel yellow and salmon.
Ivory points down to the harbour, at the edge of town: "Let's go the harbour, it's spacy and quiet."
Robbie: "Perfect!"

Panel 2: The kart races down a hill again. Ivory is thinking.
Ivory: "We could totally turn this into a boat..."
Bern en Max peek from behind Ivory and Robbie who are sitting in the front of the kart, they both shout: "NO!"
But Robbie looks like he already got a new and exciting plan.

Panel 3: As the kart makes it down the hill towards the harbour we see a dock where people are finishing up their work. A father and child are fishing. There is a tiny cat sitting at the edge of the water.
Max: "Don't put any ideas into his head, Ivory!"
Ivory: "I didn't mean right now..."
Robbie: "Why not!?"
Ivory: "Robbie...we'd need to plug all the holes, put a sail on it..."
Robbie: "Holes? What holes? Besides, wood floats.

Panel 4: Robbie is very excited about his new plan, but Bern decides that enough is enough.
Robbie: "Really, this thing is rock Solid! Bern designed it...
Bern: " ...for driving ON THE LAND!

Panel 5: Bern rises up a little from the kart. Angry. Max and Ivory share a look. They know it's no use to try and stop their friend.
Robbie: Come on, where is your sense of adventure. Let's test it. FOR SCIENCE!"
Bern: "YOU test it for science, I want to get off!"

Panel 6: Robbie races the kart towards the edge of the dock. The water is coloured pink from the sunset. Ivory braces herself. Max looks like he can't believe Robbie is doing this. Bern is not looking towards the water but at where they came from. He yells: "Robbie! THIS KART WILL SINK!"

Panel 7: Robbie looks mischieveous over the wheel.

Panel 8: Max crosses his arms, looking annoyed.
Max: "At least find a shallow--"

Panel 9: The kart flies off the dock, over the water.
Max: "--spot."