For the longest time I had trouble writing about Bern’s insecurities because he is the main character. I felt like it would be too hard, or boring, to follow a character who is so unsure of himself. (at least at the start)
Until I realized that he is in the exact same spot I was in a few years ago, when I didn’t dare to start my comic. I saw so many ways it could go wrong, yet my identity was locked into the idea of being a storyteller. What if I failed? What was I then, what would I do?

This is the position Bern is in right now. He has been trained and brought up to be a leader all his life, but does he feel like he has what it takes?
I decided that it’s ok for a main character to not feel sure of himself. Because it is ok for us to feel this way, and to explore what we can and can not do.

I did show him in his element in the beginning of the chapter though, just to indicate that he can be decisive and sure of himself when he is in situations he feels comfortable in. In that way, the reader sees the potential of the character, even if he doesn’t see it yet for himself.

Is regency the right way for him though? We will have to wait and see!
Thanks for reading!

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