Whelp, Bern is on his own now.

There is not much romance in this comic, so I thought I’d better throw some in before I break these two up. (spatially I mean) Story-wise, I wanted to make clear that they have been together for a while and their relationship is an established one. They have come to depend on each other quite a bit, which will affect both their feelings in later events.

And that concludes this scene that felt like it took forever, haha. I really wish, in slow scenes like these especially, that I could update more than once a week. With everything that’s going on with work and the promotion of the comic that is not very likely soon. But I have been working on eliminating some of the complexity of the pages. The changes will come gradually and I’m convinced they are not very notably, but every minute of saved time is one. 😀

We will switch to another character next week! Any ideas who it might be?

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