We’ve come to the energy room.

“Why not have a giant pit of lava that can be used for clean energy?” My brain must have thought.

I can’t remember when or how I came up with it, just that the visual image just stuck in my head. If you find moments like these in your story my advice is always to run with it if your story allows it, haha.

I have updated the cast page with Max’ new picture and description. πŸ˜€ There is some info in there that has not been addressed in the comic yet, so stay away if you have a strict no-spoilers-of-any-kind policy. πŸ™‚

Lastly, I am aware there is no possibility to comment if you land on the RC homepage. However, if you visit the specific comic’s web page then you can comment just fine. If you want to leave a comment (and I do love them!) then hit the “back”button and then “next” or “last” again and the comment box will show up. Thank you for your patience as I figure out what to do about this problem.

Have a great week!
– Henrike

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