Fun times are over.
And so much for getting out of this without anyone knowing, Ivory.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: The kart lands bottom down in the water; waves splash to all sides. The shock makes all the kids go "ooof!"

Panel 2: The kart immediately starts to sink. It makes a bubbling sound. Robbie is shocked: "WE'RE SINKING!"
Max rolls his eyes. Ivory doesn't like the prospect of getting wet, as she slides to Robbies side because the kart is moving sideways a bit.
Bern is still angry: I told you! Now our kart is lost forever!

Panel 3: The kids all jump out of the kart into the water, except for
Robbie, who stands in the kart, already half full with water, defeated: "I just...really thought it would float..."

Panel 4: As the last part of the kart is almost under water Robbie looks at it very sad. Max sighs: "Our parents are going to be so mad!
Ivory holds her hands up: "Hey, I won't tell anyone if you won't!"
Bern splashes water in Robbies direction and says angry: "Thanks a lot Robbie! Why didn't you stop when I told you to!?"

Panel 5: The sun is now really setting on the horizon. Bern turns away from the light and his friend, not wanting to show he is crying.
Bern: "Why do you never listen?"
Robbie: "I...I'm sorry about your kart Bern." He looks very guilty now.
Bern: "OUR kart! We worked on it all week and it was perfect.

Panel 6: They all start swimming back to the dock. Ivory swims in the direction of Robbie and Bern. Calmly she says: "Don't be sad guys, let's just build a new one! We did it once, we can do it again..."
Max is in the foreground, clearly seeing something behind his friends on the dock
Max: " uhh, guys?"

Panel 7: As the children approach the dock they see two policemen standing there. Bern looks very surprised, Robbie is appalled, and Ivory almost disappears under water. Max looks very uncomfortable.
Max: "...I think that will have to wait until tomorrow."