Aaand Max is in pursuit!

World building facts: in Tarina guns are actually very rare. You can’t just own a gun, (further proving the point that the director of the Narrati Biochemical Corporation is dealing in the deep underworld of the Tarina crime scene) and only the police openly carries them. However, they are under very strict rules as to when to use them. This is also why Max is carrying a gun and Daniel is not, since Daniel is lower in rank. The fact that this turned into a situation with drawn guns is uncommon. Which explains Max’ troubled expression in panel 2.

Swords , however, are actually pretty common to have. You do need permits to own swords, but a lot of people use them for decoration in their homes, or they practise sword fighting and fencing as a sport. It’s also the police’s weapon of choice.

I think I might have actually broken some comic rules on this page, haha. I’m getting a better feel for camera angles and direction the characters should be facing in the pages I’m currently working on. But 3D and spacial thinking it’s not my strongest point. 😉 Working on it though!

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