Nasty, nasty dude. Threats, really? Colleague Daniel is getting quite the first field operation experience. I like his face in the last panel. Like “whoa dude!” XD
I witnessed an arrest once in front of my home. There was a lot of screaming involved.

Last week I got some feedback on some of the dialogue on the page. There were some cultural connotations to the words the factory director was using to address Max that I wasn’t aware of. Even though I won’t change much of the story just for any reason, I felt this was an important thing to change (so I did).

This comic deals with some bad issues (like the bad relationship between Valeska and her father and the forced dangerous labour and child labour a few pages ago) but there are some things that are not present in my comic. One of these things is racism. Since my world is a little bit utopian and the story deals with individual character traits rather than big society issues, I opted for certain problems to not exist. However, since you readers come from our world you are familiar with these issues. We read things through the filter of your own culture and history.

I want all my characters to be treated equal and celebrated especially for whatever skin colour and background they have. It’s a conscious choice I made when I started the comic. I don’t want to imply that racism is a thing in this world. So always feel free to notify me when you feel something doesn’t feel right in this area. I did research into this subject to educate myself before I started the comic, but I might just not know about certain things. I will change elements in the comic at my own discretion if this ever comes up again.

As always, thanks for reading! And have a great week!

– Henrike

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