Scene transition! And a little peek at this town’s unusual nature.

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Thanks to all the people who helped me out in any way while I was working on this in the last few years, with feedback, practical help or moral support!

I made a goal last year to build a good buffer of pages. That succeeded, so here we are. πŸ˜€ I really wanted to reach this date with enough pages to go live because it’d have been my dad’s 75th birthday today. I liked the idea of making it a special day and remembering him in this way.

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↓ Transcript
A big one page spread shows the camera being halfway underwater, so we see both the dock and the kart sinking to the bottom of the harbour. The sun is lighting up the grand apartment buildings on this side of the city. The children are being dragged out of the water by the policemen. The sunlight colours the water pink. It breaks through the surface and illuminates the last of the bubbles left by the sinking kart. On the sandy and rocky bottom of the harbour are algae, little bits of coral and strange glowing pieces of coral and rocks. They light up bright blue. Little fish swim in between them and they lie scattered all over the ground. The kart almost hits the bottom.