Well, who is this??

A new scene and a new character! And quite some interesting little details…

The fun thing about sharing your story with people is the details they catch that you hadn’t given a second thought. For example: the puppet in the last panel with the red curly hair is now called Alfred, with thanks to an awesome person I met at a conference last year. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much to everyone who shared about the launch of the comic last week!
From today on it’s one page per update. That’s a slow pace but I try to give my pages at least a little bit of information every time. Even on a page with almost no words like this one, you should still be able to go a little bit further into the story, or at least get curious.

The first typo was also spotted last week. (don’t search for it, I fixed it already) Always feel free to point out any typo’s because English is not my first language. ๐Ÿ™‚

See you all next week!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: a dark sky with threatening clouds and a downpoor. We look up into the falling rain and see the roofs of two houses standing next to each other. A pale streetlight glows through the drops. A text box reads: "In another place, far away..."

Panel 2: we zoom in on one of the houses. It's regal looking, with a grey wall and white ornaments. It has two floors, no garden. There is a simple but elegant front door and a window on each side. On the first floor are four connected windows. The left window on the ground floor is lit, as is the second from the left on the top floor. We see a silhouette in that last window.

Panel 3: we look through the window with the silhouette. It turns out it's a young girl, about 10 years old, she has long blond curls and wears a turqoise dress with a pink sash around her waist. The same colour as the ribbon in her hair, tying it to the back of her head. In her hands she has a small puppet toy. She is winding it up with a key in it's back.

Panel 4: a close up of her hands winding up the toy. It's a little man in a black suit, wearing a top hat. On her hand we see the same kind of symbol that Bern has. Hers is different from his though.

Panel 5: the toy is wound up, we see the girl's face better. She looks content, but has a little bit of sadness hanging over her as well.

Panel 6: Her hands put the toy on it's feet in the windowsill. The streetlight outside makes the raindrops on the window drop shadows on the wall.

Panel 7: when she lets go of the toy it wanders off on it's own. Putting one foot in front of the other. The girl, amused, peeks over the edge of the windowsill at the toy.

Panel 8: we see more of the girl's room. She sits on her bed that's just below the window. Drawings hang on the wall, a faint night lamp shines in the corner. In the foreground is a rattan chair and on a wall hang four puppets with strings attached to them. They have different colours and faces: white, red, clownish, goggle eyed...The shadows in the room make their smiling faces slightly creepy. The atmosphere breathes loneliness.