Another wordless page. Except for an onomatopoeia that is.

Try and capture the awesome sound of thunder in a word. Apparently I couldn’t get further than “boooom” haha. Lightning is fun to draw by the way. It’s not so fun for our character here.

I used to be afraid of lightning as a kid but now I eagerly sit in front of the window, trying to capture a glimpse of any bolts going across the sky. They’re extremely dangerous of course, but so awesome to watch. I also caught a thunderstorm in our renewed train station the other day, those were some nice acoustics there.

What about you? Do you like lightning and thunderstorms?

Check in next week to see where our character is running off to. She also will have a name in a little while. 🙂

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1: the automaton toy walks a little further across the windowsill. We see it on its back.
Panel 2: It suddenly turns around and faces us.
Panel 3: It clicks it's hand on its hat with a soft "clack"
Panel 4: It takes off its hat and bows towards the girl who looks at it smiling.
Panel 5: The girl, who is standing on her bed, makes a curtsy. The toy stands upright again in front of the window.
Panel 6: The same angle. The toy puts its hat back on its head. but the girl is scared by a sudden bolt of lightning that streaks across the sky outside, setting everything ablaze in a pale blue glow. She stumbles backwards and loses her balance.
Panel 7: She has fallen off the bed and sits on the ground; legs outstretched, eyes tightly shut and clutching her hand to her chest in fear as a big "BOOOOOM" of the thunder echoes through her room. Around her are books and a marionette. She is in front of a case filled with books. A portrait of a blonde lady hangs on the wall and in the back is a door and a washing bin.
Panel 8: She grabs her toy from the windowsill by its tiny arm. The symbol on her hand is showing prominently again.
Panel 9: Running past the dolls that hang on her wall she opens the door and goes into the softly lit hallway while holding her doll tightly to her chest.