I think Bern is mostly disappointed in himself.
Let’s see if Lilina has anything to say to that… 🙂

UPDATE 05/13: I am working hard on finishing this scene so I can update weekly again until the end of chapter 1 without interruptions. Further updates will be posted here. I don’t have a date I’ll start posting the rest of the pages but I am in inking and colouring stage for all of them so it’s coming. 🙂


IMPORTANT NOTE: I have my computer back! Unfortunately, more roadblocks have prevented me from working on the comic. Amongst them are prolonged health problems along with various doctors appointments. I also have pressing private issues I can’t go into detail about. Let’s just say that 2019 has been a tough year so far and I need all my energy and focus to keep going.

Getting back to Recollection City has priority though because, frankly, I need the distraction and the joy of working on my story. But so far it has proven difficult to truly put some work in it. For reference: every page takes me around 15 hours on average.

There’s 7 pages left for chapter 1. I want to get these done asap (they’re all well under way). Then I will take a longer chapter break. My wish is to start live streaming whenever I do work though, so I can show you both comic content and also use it as a way to talk about making comics on my Youtube channel. I realize this is not a very clear update with a date of when the comic will be back, but stay tuned, and thank you for your patience! <3