I think Bern is mostly disappointed in himself.
Let’s see if Lilina has anything to say to that… 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTE: my Cintiq (which is also my computer) has broken down (again). I’ll have to to send it off to Wacom again all the way to Germany so I will be without for a few weeks. I have tried to work on these pages on my iPad but it can’t handle the files. I was supposed to have four more pages in my buffer at this point. 🙁

I should have the tablet back in three weeks so I can finish up the rest of the pages of chapter 1 then. After that I will take the planned chapter break to work on my chapter 2 buffer. I will start on the thumbnails for that now I guess, as I don’t need a computer for that.

Stay tuned! I will keep you all updated here. I’m so sorry for the interruption. Believe me when I say, no one finds this more annoying than I do. Thank you for your patience! <3