Lilina had this startling thought after today’s events. And she is never one to keep those to herself. But these convos are never fun to have.

I like this scene because it establishes that Bern and Lilina have been a couple for quite some time and they dare to be honest with each other. (Even though in the heat of the moment they might say some things that are not very tactful. I guess most couples do this)

We’ll see how this discussion evolves over the course of the scene.


Hi everyone, here’s a new update on things! The hiatus is almost over! Recollection City will be back on the 11th of November.

BUT I will start an experiment from this date forward: I want to start updating the story in chuncks. This means more pages per update, but less updates in a year. Instead of a weekly page, I will announce the next update day with each batch of pages.

After the launch of the comic I started updating every week. The feeling of doing weekly updates vs. working towards a date and a launch is vastly different. I miss having that deadline.

I also got a lot of comments that the story progresses very slowly. This is true. I write for a printed version. Meaning I will spread out scenes over the course of a lot of pages that are meant to be read in one sitting. I am very used to reading scenes with a lot of breaks, since I have been reading webcomics from since they exist. But I realized that not everyone is used to this.

If I ever make another comic specifically for web, I would design the story in a more compact way so every weekly page feels like one update. For now, I really want to print Recollection City one day, so I will not change up the pacing. But I’m confident the batch-updates will really help readability.

So, the rest of the pages for this scene will be uploaded on November 11th. The last scene of this chapter will be uploaded on December 9th.

Then in 2020 we will start a brand new chapter I will upload scene per scene. I hope the story will feel more cohesive this way and that having that launch date will make working on the comic more fun for myself. 😀 Stay tuned!