Lilina had this startling thought after today’s events. And she is never one to keep those to herself. But these convos are never fun to have.

I like this scene because it establishes that Bern and Lilina have been a couple for quite some time and they dare to be honest with each other. (Even though in the heat of the moment they might say some things that are not very tactful. I guess most couples do this)

We’ll see how this discussion evolves over the course of the scene.


Hi everyone, a quick note from me here: today marks Recollection City’s 2nd launch birthday!


Two years ago I started this adventure and have been updating weekly until March this year. I have drawn more pages (almost 100 at this point) than I have ever done for one story and that makes me proud.

This current hiatus we’re in has many reasons. And I’m afraid it will continue for a while. For those who want to know more, I have written a post about it here:

I’m taking a more extensive break than I originally planned for, but it is necessary in order to keep going and come back strong for chapter 2! I will finish this current chapter in sporadic updates on the site and after that I will take the time to properly set up for the second chapter and we’ll pick up either regular weekly updates again or I will be updating in batches (more pages but more time in between updates. I’m still unsure about this).

I will update you again on the current status of the story on October 1st 2019.

Thanks everyone for your support so far! Reading your comments always makes my day. Recollection City is not going anywhere so stay tuned! <3