4 page update! The LAST pages of chapter 1 are here!!

Robbie is back in town! The whole cast is slowly coming back together

It’s fitting that the year is almost at it’s end as well. I’m so thankful to have finished chapter 1 of the comic, and still in 2019 as well! This chapter was a lot of set up for the main cast. In the next one we will finally dive into the ACTION!

This chapter had it’s ups and downs for me. It’s been a tough year, which made it hard to be creative. But I’m so thankful for your continued support and for reading along! <3

I have written a little something about the things I have learned while making this chapter on my Instagram. You can read it here if you want to. (While you’re at it, follow me and say hi!)

I’m optimistic about 2020! I will be doubling down on my Youtube channel, which will focus solely on helping artists making comics. Recollection City will surely make quite some appearances as well.

I’m almost finished with the chapter 2 cover, which will be posted a week before I’ll post the first scene of the new chapter.

The new chapter will kick off with the posting of the chapter cover on January 20th, and then I will announce my next update as well.

Here are the newest pages, be sure to click all the way through to the end:


If you want to read the entire first chapter of Recollection City, you can find the archives here.

See some thumbnails for the new chapter

Mild spoilers!

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