Many thanks to:

Gea Dijkstra for making terrific photo’s of me and for creating some of the characters and places in this comic with me.
James Peñafiel for flatting my pages.
Michael Dambold for helping me put this website together.
Lora Innes for all her comic wisdom and support.
Chris Oatley and the community of the Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling for giving me awesome education, wonderful support and great feedback.
Lara Willard for helping me with the story.

My family and awesome friends for cheering me on. <3

My favourite webcomics:

the Dreamer comic
The Dreamer – by Lora Innes
Bookwyrms comic button
– by Lorena Garcia
Miss Ewe comic button
Miss Ewe and the Stolen Garden – by Britny Lewis and Maike Venhofen

Roar Street Journal – by Bonnie Pang
Space Boy – by Stephen McCranie
The Dreamland Chronicles – by Scott Christin Sava
Sithrah – by Jason Brubaker (also check out his finished comic ReMIND)
The Glass Scientists – by Sabrina Cotugno
Harpy Gee – by Brianne Drouhard
Everblue – by Michael Sexton (Blue-Ten)
Space Barista – by Michael Dambold
Abrian Curington’s comics at Blue Cat Co
Centralia 2050 – by Michelle Stanford
Fantomestein – by Beka Duke
The Unlikely Adventure of Pip Swiftfoot – by Kimberli Johnson
Boople Doodles – by Tori Sharp
Bonabyl – by Manek D’Silva

Helpful links about writing and art for comics:

The Oatley Academy has a lot of courses on art making and storytelling. Their current self study courses are the Storyteller’s Summit on crafting stories, and the Magic Box on digital painting. (These are affiliate links, which means that if you sign up through these links I get a small commission)

While you are at OA, especially check out the free podcast the Paperwings Show, as this one features a lot of information about making comics.

Brian mcDonald. Every book and blogpost he has ever written. Brian is a storytelling master, and I highly recommend his book Invisible Ink if you really want to understand story.

The podcast Art and Story by Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph had a very helpful series called Your comic from the ground up! that features really great hands-on comic making advice.

Jason Brubaker’s Youtube channel is filled with info on how he makes his comics.

Save the Cat by Blake Snyder is a book I have found really helpful. It’s about writing screenplays, and it’s a bit rigid, but the general information can be applied to every story.

In terms of visual storytelling the best books I have read on the subject are Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre, Dreamworlds by Hans Bacher and Colour and Light by James Gurney.

Kyle T. Webster makes amazing Photoshop brushes.