Many thanks to:

Gea Dijkstra for making terrific photo’s of me and for creating some of the characters and places in this comic with me.
James Peñafiel for flatting my pages.
Michael Dambold for helping me put this website together.
Lora Innes for all her comic wisdom and support.
Lara Willard for helping me with the story.

My family and awesome friends for cheering me on. <3

My favourite webcomics:

the Dreamer comic
The Dreamer – by Lora Innes
Bookwyrms comic button
– by Lorena Garcia

Space Boy – by Stephen McCranie
My Giant Nerd Boyfriend – by “Fishball”
Countdown to Countdown – Xiao Tong “Velinxi” Kong
Harpy Gee – by Brianne Drouhard
Short comics by Bethany Pyles – on Twitter
Comics by Myrjam van de Vijver – in Myrjam’s Happy Corner
Abrian Curington’s comics at Blue Cat Co
Centralia 2050 – by Michelle Stanford
Fantomestein – by Beka Duke
Humor Me – by Marvin W.
Agents of the Realm – by Mildred Louis
The Glass Scientists – by Sabrina Cotugno
164 Days – by Kirsty
Everblue – by Michael Sexton (Blue-Ten)
Bonabyl – by Manek D’Silva (hiatus)

Completely finished webcomics:

Roar Street Journal – by Bonnie Pang
The Dreamland Chronicles – by Scott Christin Sava
Sithrah – by Jason Brubaker (also check out his finished comic ReMIND)
Warning Label – by Thomas F. Zahler

Want to learn how to make comics?

Ever since starting Recollection City, I have been documenting my process on my blog, Pencils & Stories. That expanded and I am now currently into transitioning jobs to become a full time artist and educator. I now teach making your own (web)comics on my website, Pencils & and on my Youtube channel with weekly videos.

Ways to support Recollection City:

Recollection City is a labour of love. It’s free to read and that’s how it always will be. However, if you want to support the comic, you can do that in many ways, from moral support to spreading the comic around, to supporting the comic financially:

* Leave comments on the site. I love to hear what you think of Recollection City.
* Make fanart (I LOVE fanart!!!)
* Share the comic with a friend.
* Make a social media post about the comic, explaining why you love the comic. Feel free to download an image from this page to use in your post when you do this. (This is the only form of a repost I allow of my images, though, do not use Recollection City imagery for anything else <3 )
* Vote for Recollection City on TopWebComics. (This heightens the chance that people discover the comic on there)
* Financial support:
– Drop me a tip on my Ko-Fi page!
(It holds Recollection City related goodies, like the prologue making-of, as well as resources on how to make your own comics. I’ve set the price so that you can add some extra dollars, if you want)

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