A 5 page update!

Recollection City webcomic teaser page 84

You might be surprised at this change. 5 page update, what’s that all about!?

From now on, I want to experiment in updating the story in batches. I will post roughly one update per month but with more pages. Updating weekly was missing the “buzz” for me of working towards a “launch date” of sorts.

I also expect it makes for a better reading experience for the kind of pacing I use.

Even though you’ve already read some of these pages, I wanted to show that this is how I want to experiment in updating from this point forward. So I started the update from the beginning of the scene.

Click the box below to read the latest Recollection City update! Be sure to click/read through until you’re at the latest page! (page 88):

The next update will be posted on December 9th! It’ll be the LAST update of chapter 1 and we’ll start with a fresh chapter in 2020 -insert excited dance here-

See you then!



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